Prediction of Popular Types of Diet

One trend that doesn’t lag changes with the turn of the year namely weight loss retreat. Moreover, every year there must be a resolution to live healthy with a diet or exercise to lose weight. In 2019, there are several diet methods that are predicted to become a trend. Insider conducted a study of 1,037 people in the age range of millennials regarding their dietary resolution and what trends to try. The result, the following are some of the most commonly mentioned diet methods at

1. Low-carb diet

Although a popular choice, a 2018 study said that those who limit carbohydrate intake have a risk of death 32 percent greater than those who don’t.

2. Calorie diet

Reported from Business Insider, it was mentioned that people who reduce a third to half a portion of food as recommended when dieting calories, will have more energy and less disease.

3. Keto Diet

Instead of consuming lots of carbohydrates, the keto diet is more fat and less protein also reduces sugar intake. Indirectly the keto diet forces dieters to limit fruit and vegetables. In the long run, keto diets have negative consequences and are at risk of death. However, this diet is effective in losing weight and controlling blood sugar levels.

4. Atkins diet

Similar to the keto diet, but the Atkins diet allows dieters to consume more carbs of 80-100 grams per day, while the keto diet only allows consumption of 20-25 grams per day. In the long run, the Atkins diet is not as risky as the keto diet.

Not only the dream of having an ideal body weight or body shape, but exercise and diet are also indeed important foundations for body fitness. Starting these two things also do not need to be directly extreme.

– Avoid all packaged food products

Not only food, but even bottled drinks should also be avoided as much as possible. Foods and beverages in packs generally contain preservatives and lots of sugar. No exception, fruit juice is usually sold in supermarkets.

– Eat Slowly

To supplement the dietary efforts made, try to always eat slowly. If necessary, also accompany the concept of mindful eating. Make sure every food that enters the mouth and into the body is truly enjoyed and according to needs.

– The Right Meal Menu Is The Main Key

At breakfast, it is recommended to eat fruits such as strawberries, pineapple, apples, pears or oranges. However, don’t eat fruits that have high enough carbohydrates such as bananas and grapes. For protein, eggs and fish intake can be an option. For the lunch menu, you can choose a menu similar to the breakfast menu, or replace fish with grilled chicken and add boiled vegetables, salads, plus a few potatoes. While the dinner menu is quite a glass of skim milk and fruit. If you feel hungry between meals, make carrots and apples as a snack.

Instead of directly trimming the meat menu from daily food, it’s better to reduce it little by a little while looking for new patterns in terms of portions and menu choices that are right for your body’s needs. Joining a diet community will help you to live a “new life” in this diet corridor. You can exchange menu inspiration to information about restaurants that you can visit while on a diet. With the community too, you will get the enthusiasm to stick to this diet.

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