Health Risks from the Keto Diet

Keto diet is one type of diet that is quite popular. Many dieters who testify that this type of diet has managed to lose weight significantly in a few months. Basically, what is done in a keto diet is to cut the amount of daily carbohydrate intake consistently for 60-90 days. You can do some other things to lose weight such as weight loss retreat.

It sounds easy, but some experts have said that doing this diet, in the long run, can be at risk for health problems, such as:

1. Refer to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals

Cutting the number of carbohydrates daily does not only reduce rice or bread but also vegetables and fruits which are also sources of carbohydrates. In fact, vegetables and fruits also contain vitamins and minerals that are no less important for the body. This is what must be anticipated from the keto diet.

2. Physical disorders

Several studies have shown that the keto diet also interferes with strength and fitness, one of them is a study from the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, which said that participants showed poor performance in cycling after four days of the keto diet.

3. The yo-yo pattern

In the keto diet itself, many variants are offered by experts. One of them is by dividing it into several stages. In the beginning, namely in the first to the third month, usually, the diet is very strict. The next stage will be more ‘loose’ with lots of cheating days. Here, weight can increase dramatically. This pattern of weight is called dangerous, even at risk of death. If you want to apply a certain diet, try to find out more beforehand, yes, Fimela Friends. Remember, it’s not just weight, the most important thing is that the body stays healthy!

Diet is one of the biggest trends in the world of life. Starting from the trend of a healthy diet to an instant diet that can endanger the health and even one’s life. One trend that many people are interested in is a laxative diet. Laxatives make you able to defecate very smoothly, making you feel your stomach becomes more empty, light, and even some people feel thinner. However, this old trend is dangerous for health. The basic thinking is very simple. Eat, digest the body, then excreted through feces. When taking laxatives, this drug will lubricate the stool and stimulate the intestines to forcibly expel feces. You might think your weight is down because you feel ‘lighter’ but you don’t burn calories at all or make fat from inside the body.

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